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Language level intermediate student with lambda

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Unformatted text preview: values. Read the course web page for more information on assignment policies and how to organize and submit your work. Follow the instructions in the style guide. Specifically, your solutions should be placed in files a04qY.rkt, where Y is a value from 1 to 4. Download the interface file from the course Web page. For full marks, it is not sufficient to have a correct program. Be sure to follow all the steps of the design recipe, including the definition of constants and helper functions where appropriate. Language level: Intermediate Student with lambda. Coverage: Module 4 1. Write a function make-groups that consumes a list of strings (called alos) and a positive integer (called n). It must produce a list of lists containing the exact same set of values as alos in the same relative order as in alos. Each of the neste...
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