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Some examples are given in the table below empty list

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Unformatted text preview: d lists should have length n except possibly the last one which might contain fewer than n strings. For example, (make-groups empty 2)=>(list empty) and, (make-groups (list "Sandy" "Jesse" "Tian" "Daniel" "Leila" "Wei-Shou" "Lori" "J.P" "Alyssa" "Matthew" "Robin" "Jeff" "Peter" "Sarah" "Elizabeth" "Grace" "Daniel" "Shawn" "Sharon" "Lachlan" ) 7) => (list (list "Sandy" "Jesse" "Tian" "Daniel" "Leila" "Wei-Shou" "Lori") (list "J.P" "Alyssa" "Matthew" "Robin" "Jeff" "Peter" "Sarah") (list "Elizabeth" "Grace" "Daniel" "Shawn" "Sharon" "Lachlan")) 1 CS 116 Winter 2012 Assignment 04 Due at 10:...
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