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Statistic fantasy points s 1 d 2 t 3 hr 4 sb 4

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Unformatted text preview: lines must be of the form ct (lan) where ct is the value of Country/Territory and lan is the value of Language . The order of the written lines should match their order in the input file. The function should produce None. For example, if the provided sample file is used, the first three lines written to the output file are: China (zh-cn) Hong Kong (zh-tw) Turkey (tr) 2 CS 116 Winter 2012 Note the unusual due date and time! Assignment 10 Note the unusual due date and time! Due at 11:59pm on Monday, April 2 2. Which player position is the weakest in a fantasy baseball league draft for the 2012 Major League BaseballTM season? Fantasy baseball is a game/hobby where real baseball players are drafted as members of imaginary baseball teams. Imaginary points are awarded based on the real results of these players in real baseball games. For simpli...
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