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For example if the shift is 3 then a is replaced by d

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Unformatted text preview: the lists consumed and a different function that determines the mark for each question. You may use lambda expressions in your check-expect expressions, or you may choose to define helper functions. You do not need to provide examples or test cases for these helper functions. 2 CS 116 Fall 2012 Assignment 02 Due at 4:00 pm Monday, October 1 Notes: • Your function body may be relatively short and still be correct. • You may use explicit recursion in your solution for this question if you wish. 4. A Caesar cipher is a simple encryption technique where you substitute letters in your original message by replacing them with another letter in the alphabet. In this encoding system, you choose a number between 1 and 25 as the shift amount that determines the number of letters away from the original where you find the replacement in the alphabet. For example if the shift is 3, then “A” is replaced by “D”, “B” is replaced by “E”, and so on. At the end of the alphabet, the shift wraps around to the beginning. So with t...
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