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In this case given a proper function for evaluate the

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Unformatted text preview: strings, symbols, structures, etc. The auto-mark function will also consume a function (called evaluate). The function evaluate consumes a single answer from student-answers and the matching correct answer from correct-answers and produces a numeric mark for that particular answer. The function auto-mark produces the sum of the marks for all questions. For example you could have an exam where the questions were multiple choice. The student answers could be represented by string, and the marking scheme could be +1 for a match, 0 for no answer, and  ­1 for an incorrect answer. Suppose that the student-answers list was (list “A” “A” “” “C”) and correct-answers list was (list “A” “B” “C” “D”). In this case, given a proper function for evaluate, the function auto-mark produces -1. Include at least two distinct tests in your solution. In each of these tests you must have a different type of value in...
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