Write a scheme function called xy sums that consumes

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Unformatted text preview: where ;; h is a natural number between 1 and 12 inclusive ;; representing the hour of the appointment ;; m is a natural number between 0 and 59 inclusive ;; representing the minute of the appointment ;; t is a symbol, either 'AM or 'PM ;; representing the time of day in a 12-hour clock 1. Write a Scheme function called xy-sums that consumes a list of posn structures and produces a list of the sum of the x and y values of each point that has an integer value distance to the origin. Recall that the distance from a point to the origin is !2 + !2 . For example (xy-sums (list (make-posn 0 1) (make-posn 1 1) (make-posn 3 4) (make-posn -12 5))) produces (list 1 7 -7). Note that the predicate integer? produces true when it consumes an integer value and false otherwise. Assume that the x and y values of the posn structures are integers. It is not necessary to reflect this restriction in the contract. 2. Write a Scheme function book-appointments that consumes two app-time s...
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