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Write a scheme function that called auto mark that

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Unformatted text preview: ust use build-list in your solution. • You may not use any other abstract list function and you may not use recursion directly. • In a 12 ­hour clock, one minute after 11:59 AM is 12:00 PM. One minute after 11:59 PM is 12:00 AM. • The start time and end time may occur on two consecutive days. • Computing the proper value of tod in the structure is probably the most difficult part of this question. • Most of the correctness marks will be based on tests where the tod field is the same for the entire list. 3. Write a Scheme function that called auto-mark that will help automatically mark a student’s submission. The function will consume two lists – one list contains the student’s answers (called student-answers) and the second list contains the correct answers (called correct-answers). The lists must be the same length and contain elements of the same type. The answers could be any type, numeric,...
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