After guessing the letter s the puzzle would be s s

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Unformatted text preview: number of letters of each word in the phrase. If a player guesses a letter that occurs in the phrase, the dashes are replaced by the correct letter in every position where that letter appears in the phrase. If a player makes a guess that does not occur in the puzzle then nothing is changed. However, the player has a limited number of incorrect guesses. The game ends when either the player exceeds the number of allowed incorrect guesses, or guesses the whole phrase correctly, or correctly guesses all of the letters in the phrase. For example, if the secret phrase is “CS IS GREAT”, the original puzzle would be “-- -- -----”. After guessing the letter “S”, the puzzle would be “-S –S -----”. For both questions, you will be mutating the following four state variables • correct-answer – a string with at least two characters, that represents the correct “secret” phrase • current-guess – a string that contains dashe...
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