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You may use make posn for testing purposes 3 cs 116

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Unformatted text preview: ures (p1 and p2) and produces (void). The function will swap the x ­value of p1 with the y ­value of p2, and the y ­value of p1 with the x ­value of p2. For example if you have the following: (define pointA (make-posn 1 2)) (define pointB (make-posn 3 4)) then after the function application (swap-posns pointA pointB), pointA would be (make-posn 4 3) and pointB would be (make-posn 2 1). You may not use make-posn in the body of the function or any helper functions you write. You may use make-posn for testing purposes. 3 CS 116 Fall 2012 Assignment 04 Due at 4:00 pm Monday, October 15th The next two questions are based on the word game Hangman. The following is a description of a modified version of the game, based on the Wikipedia description. In the game, there is a “secret” phrase, or puzzle, that a player tries to guess. The puzzle is represented by a row of dashes, giving the...
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