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Previous guesses is updated with the value of attempt

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Unformatted text preview: correct-answer will be set to puzzle • current-guess will be set to match puzzle, except where there is an upper case letter, it will be replaced by a dash (“-”) • previous-guesses will be set to the empty string • guesses-left will be set to the number that matches the level 4 CS 116 Fall 2012 Assignment 04 Due at 4:00 pm Monday, October 15th 4. Write a function called make-guess that consumes a non ­empty string (attempt) and produces a string. The following chart explains how the state variables will change and the value that should be produced for different values of attempt. Value of attempt A string that is a single character that is not an upper case letter. A string that is a single upper case letter that has already been guessed. A string that is a single upper case letter that has not been previously guessed, and is not in the puzzle. Changes to state variables None String produced None ...
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