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Unformatted text preview: to 4. Download the interface file from the course Web page. For full marks, it is not sufficient to have a correct program. Be sure to follow all the steps of the design recipe given in the Python Style Guide for CS116, including the definition of constants and helper functions where appropriate. Coverage: Module 8 Language: Python The first three questions on the assignment involve Twitter messages. Twitter© is a social networking service that allows users to share messages, known as tweets, that contains at least one character but are no more than 140 characters long. The messages can contain hashtags, that are like keywords or phrases that can be used to search for tweets that interest you. In the body of a tweet, hashtags are always preceded by whitespace and a # symbol, a hashtag cannot have any spaces in it, nor another # symbol. It is possible for a tweet to start with a hashtag. In this assignment, when searching for hashtags, they must match exactly; in particular a match would be case sensitive and have the same number of characters. 1 CS 116 Fall 2012 Assignment 08 Due at 4:00pm Monday, November 19 1. Write a function called find_hashtag, that consumes a list of strings (tweets) and a string (hashtag), and produces a list of tweets that include hashtag. The strings in the list that is produced should appear in the same relative order as they appear in tweets. The string hashtag will always begin with a single #, has at least one other character, and has no spaces. It is possible that none of the tweets include hashtag. For example, find_hashtag([“Working on my #cs116 assignment now. #Ihatehomework”, “Disney has acquired Lucasfilm for $4.05B & plans to release a new #Star...
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