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Sexuality Notes - Class Notes Friday January 18 Views of...

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Class Notes Friday, January 18 Views of sexuality differ around the world: cultural aspects, religious beliefs and practices, developmental and environmental factors Ethnic groups can have different sexual practices Within cultural differences: personal preferences, ethnic groups Individualistic v collectivist cultures A factor in sexuality – individual differences factor – we don’t share our sexual preferences in detail – sex is idiosyncratic o Wide range within cultural differences Religion & sex MOVIES Portrait of a Virgin Woman (dancer) chooses to be chaste, wants to wait for marriage, no sexual actions (31 years old) o Doesn’t believe in masturbation The Master of Non-Ejaculation 76 year-old Asian man - Desire and capability = very young Ejaculation = not enjoyable Many partners Without ejaculation, able to have sex many times Usually orgasm and ejaculation occur together – but don’t have to o Can have orgasm w/o ejaculation Blackboard – Global Erotics - conversion disorders Wednesday, January 23 Freud on Female Orgasms Two Types clitoral orgasms coming from masturbation (immature) vaginal orgasm = mature – coming from sexual intercourse Masters & Johnson (1970s) – one kind of orgasm Singer & Singer 1980s - “blended orgasm” 3 types of orgasm: clitoral, vaginal, blended Psychoanalytic Framework Freud worked with Charcot Charcot & hypnosis Neuropsychological symptoms o Conflicts re: sexuality and aggression Freud – unconscious mind Humans use symbols – make things seem like something else o EG – red patent leather 4 inch heel – symbolize stripper? Sexual behaviors can be derived from symbolic activity - EG: dancing 1
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Movie: Continuing the Line Samoa, Middle of Pacific Green worms = female, yellow worms = male Sperm released when subjected to light Barnacles have male and female organs Bisexual fish Turtles – release of perfume 2 males v 1 female turtle Friday, January 25 sometimes males protect the babies instead of female protecting the babies in the animal kingdom at large, it’s not usually one female and one male – very rare albatross – one male one female – become regular companions Topics Covered *see sociobiology powerpoint on blackboard* Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Inclusive Fitness Social behavior Biogrammar- just as grammar structures our verbal behavior, biogrammar structures social behavior. Allows innate social behavioral tendencies to be expressed in many ways without the essential function of that behavior being lost. “Sweetness” of behavior The leash principle Hypertrophy Mate Selection o The Coolidge Effect Biological Reasons for the Double Standard o Men want to spread seed – maximizes the copy of their genes o What women want in men - ability to produce resources Biology of Mating Arrangements More on Parenting Monday, January 28 ** see “Perspectives on Human Sexuality” chart **
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