5findbottleneckedges10points in a directed graph

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Unformatted text preview: ven an m • n matrix M in which each entry is a 0 or 1. A solid block is a rectangular subset of M in which each entry is 1. Give a correct efficent algorithm to find a solid block in M with maximum area. 5 Find bottleneck edges [10 points] In a directed graph, given a start node and an end node, design an algorithm to find the minimum number of edges that need to be removed so that the start node and end node are disconnected. 6 Find string in 2D pattern [10 points] Given a 2D array that contains letters, find a string in the array. If the string is not in the pattern, report it. The successive letters in the string should be neighbors in the array. Here we define the neighbors as the letters having row difference of one or column difference of one. For example, CSBC is in the following 2D array: 1 ABCDE FGSBL HJQCY IRMOK 7 Walking upstairs [10 points] Design a polynomial complexity algorithm to compute the number of different ways to climb up n‐step stairs if we can walk either one step or two steps each time. Analy...
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