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When the foxl2 gene was silenced in these cells right

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Unformatted text preview: s in Foxl2 These microscopy images show the cellular reprogramming uncovered by EMBL scienAsts. On the lec is an ovary of a normal adult female mouse, with a close ­up (top lec) showing the typical female granulosa cells. When the Foxl2 gene was silenced in these cells (right, top right: close ­up), they took on the characterisAcs of Sertoli cells, the cells normally found in testes of male mice. Mathias Treier 14 SomaAc Reprogramming of Ovaries to Testes by recessive mutaAons in Foxl2 FOSL Male Germ ­line Character Mathias Treier 15 16 Neomorphic MutaAons in Antennapedia Ectopic expression of Antennapedia 17 Looking at both recessive and dominant mutaAon can help to determine the complete funcAon of the gene. The Antennapedia protein is usually used to specify the second thoracic segment of the fly. But when flies have a mutaAon wherein the Antennapedia gene is expressed in the head (as well as in the thorax), legs rather than antennae grow out of the head sockets. In the recessive mutant of Antennapedia, the gene fails to be expressed in the second thoracic segment, and antennae sprout out of the leg posiAons (Struhl 1981; Frischer et al. 1986; Schneuwly et al. 1987). 18 From these data we can say that: MUT1 MUT2 FOXL2 ANTP Trichome branching/endoreduplicaAon Male Germ ­line Character Antennae Leg This refers to the wild ­type funcAon of the gene 19 Genes involved in trichome formaAon 20 Figure 1. Trichome overdevelopment in polyploid and mutant lines Perazza, D. et al. Genetics 1999;152:461-476 Figure 3. Genetic map of loci affecting trichome initiation and cell size Perazza, D. et al. Genetics 1999;152:461-476 Copyright © 2008 by the Genetics Society of America How could we tell whether these mutants have mutaAons...
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