Txt 475 476 chapter 14 storing information in files a

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Unformatted text preview: t;. 475 476 Chapter 14: Storing information in files // A FileOutputStream object that represents a file on the disk is created first, and then that object is used to create a DataOutputStream object. You can think that the FileOutputStream object is controlled by the DataOutputStream object. The standard class DataOutputStream provides useful methods to write binary values to a file. If a file with the specified name already exists, it will be written over. NumbersToFile.java import java.io.* ; class NumbersToFile { public static void main( String not_in_use ) { try { FileOutputStream file_output_stream = new FileOutputStream( "NumbersToFile_output.data" ) ; DataOutputStream file_to_write = new DataOutputStream( file_output_stream ) ; int integer_to_file = 0x22 ; while ( integer_to_file < 0x77 ) { file_to_write.writeInt( integer_to_file ) ; integer_to_file = integer_to_file + 0x11 ; } file_to_write.writeShort( (short) 0x1234 ) ; file_to_write.writeDouble( 1.2345 ) ; file_to_write.writeBoolean( true ) ; file_to_write.writeBoolean( false ) ; file_to_write.writeUTF( "aaAAbbBB" ) ; byte bytes_to_file = { 0x4B, 0x61, 0x72, 0x69 } ; file_to_write.write( bytes_to_file, 0, 4 ) ; file_to_write.close() ; } catch ( Exception caught_exception ) { System.out.print( "\n File error. Cannot write to file." ) ; } } } Class DataOutputStream provides many methods that can write data items of different types to a file. Here, a method named write() writes four bytes from the array (referenced by) bytes_to_file. The writing begins from the array position whose index is 0 (the first array position). The bytes that are put to the array 0x4B, 0x61, 0x72, and 0x69 are the character codes of letters K, a, r, and i, respectively. NumbersToFile.java - 1. A program that stores numerical values to a binary file. 14.3 Handling files as binary files The execution of the program does not produce any output to the screen. All output goes to a file whose contents are shown here by using the previous example progra...
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