In the declaration above the name of the variable is

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Unformatted text preview: ch variable. In the declaration above, the name of the variable is integer_from_keyboard. Variable declarations, like all Java statements, must be terminated with a semicolon (;). Program, presented as a program description on the following page opening, is an example program where two variables of type int are declared and used. The program is an extremely simple computer game. Unfortunately it is not a fair game because the user of the program will always lose. The program always wins by presenting an integer that is one larger than the number given by the user of the program. A source program like is a text file in a computer's hard disk memory before it is compiled. When a source program is compiled, we get an executable version of the program. The compiler is a computer tool that can convert a source program into executable form. The compiler reads and processes a source program file in the same order in which it is written. While compiling program, the compiler sees first the variable declarations and reserves main memory for th...
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