The names of the variables are integerfromkeyboard

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Unformatted text preview: names of the variables are integer_from_keyboard and one_larger_integer. The variables are referred to with these names later in the program. (c) Kari Laitinen import java.util.* ; class Game { public static void main( String not_in_use ) { Scanner keyboard = new Scanner( ) ; int int integer_from_keyboard ; one_larger_integer ; System.out.print( "\n This program is a computer game. Please, type in " + "\n an integer in the range 1 ... 2147483646 : " ) ; integer_from_keyboard = one_larger_integer integer_from_keyboard = keyboard.nextInt() ; + 1; System.out.print( "\n You typed in " + integer_from_keyboard + "." + "\n My number is " + one_larger_integer + "." + "\n Sorry, you lost. I won. The game is over.\n") ; } } This line of source code reads an integer from the keyboard and stores the read integer into variable integer_from_keyboard. The execution of the program stays on this line until the user of the program has entered an integer. The integer is read by the nextInt...
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