Java are executed if 1234 was the value given from

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Unformatted text preview: three "pictures" of the same memory locations. This last picture describes the situation when all statements of program are executed. If 1234 was the value given from the keyboard, the value of variable one_larger_integer is 1235, 4D3H, at the end. 12F8BEH: ??H ??H ??H 12F8BFH: ??H ??H ??H 12F8C0H: ??H ??H D3H 12F8C1H: ??H ??H 04H 12F8C2H: ??H ??H 00H 12F8C3H: ??H ??H 00H 12F8C4H: ??H D2H D2H 12F8C5H: ??H 04H 04H 12F8C6H: ??H 00H 00H 12F8C7H: ??H 00H 00H 12F8C8H: ??H ??H ??H 12F8C9H: ??H ??H ??H These four bytes are reserved for variable integer_from_keyboard. That variable has memory address 12F8C4H. Here the memory locations are shown right after a value is given from the keyboard. We suppose that the given value is 1234, which is 4D2H as a hexadecimal number. In personal computers and many other computers, the four bytes of an int variable are stored so that the least significant byte is in a memory location that has the smallest numerical address. The three other bytes are in subsequent memory locations. 11010010 00000100 00000000 00000000 As each memory location is an 8-bit memory cell,...
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