What are each gure contribute to the paper why did

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Unformatted text preview: Con<nuous s<rred- tank bioreactor Reading book: Chapters 4 &5 How to read a scien<fic paper •  How much experience do you have? •  My advice –  Read with a pen in hand. Underline things you think are important. Make comments or write ques<ons to yourself in the margins –  Pay special a[en<on to the figures. What are each figure contribute to the paper? Why did the authors think it was necessary to include it? Does the data in a par<cular figure substan<ate the claims made in the results sec<on of the paper? Were there unsubstan<ated statements in the paper? Was there data not shown? How to read a scien<fic paper •  My advice (con<nued) –  References are there to help. Go and look up references to help you understand concepts –  Come away from the paper with a sense of what was done and try and evaluate it. Was it a meaningful or worthwhile addi<on to the field? Think about a method’s pros and cons as you read –  Reread the paper. Most of the <me it takes several readings of a par<cular paper to really get it •  Assigned paper...
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