Growth by rk4 see notes kinec constants for ethanol

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Unformatted text preview: on of inorganic compounds –  Heterotrophic bacteria, yeasts, and fungi, u<lize organic compounds (glucose, fats, etc) to generate ATP –  Photosynthe<c bacteria and plant (algae), u<lize energy from light to generate ATP Media components and func<ons •  Carbon provides energy and oxygen –  Sugar •  Nitrogen for protein synthesis Complex medium •  Exact composi<on unknown Defined or Synthe<c Medium Simultaneous Saccharifica<on and Fermenta<on (SSF) •  Simultaneous saccharifica<on and fermenta<on (SSF) –  Starch as carbon source –  Enzyme (amylase and glucoamylase); provided or produced by cells –  consolidated bioprocessing Microbial fermenta<on characterized by dis<nct phases of growth Expression of cell growth Yield coe...
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