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Unformatted text preview: m: Klebsiella oxytoca B199 •  Medium Batch fermentaNon for diol •  Fermentor –  7- L batch fermentor, at pH 5.2, with 3L of medium –  Temperature 37 degree, aeraNon rate of 3.3 L/min •  Cell mass determinaNon –  Absorbance or cell protein; need a calibraNon curve •  Xylose analysis –  Colorimetric orcinol assay or HPLC •  VolaNle fermentaNon products –  2,3- butanediol, enthanol, acetate measured by gas chromatography Results of FermentaNon Biotech. Bioeng., 26, 362 (1984) Final products of fermentaNon Energy drives metabolism •  During aerobic growth, enough oxygen, enough ATP generated from TCA cycle and respiraNon (electron transport system, ETS), no need of metabolism to yield butanediol •  When DO falls to zero, oxygen becomes limiNng, not enough oxygen for oxidizing NADH at respiraNon for ATP generaNon; system needs alteraNve ways to generate ATP in order to support further growth; pathway for yielding butanediol is acNvated Effect of pH level Biotech. Bioeng., 26, 362 (1984) Effect of iniNal xylose concentraNon Biotech. Bioeng., 26, 362 (1984) Effect of oxygen supply rate •  Available oxygen (kLaC*) was increased by raisin...
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