Bioeng 26 573 1984 modeling vs measurement modeling

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Unformatted text preview: energy producing pathway •  When oxygen sufficient, respiratory pathway; respiraNon produces 10x ATP as compared with that of fermentaNon •  Model must be able to predict the quanNty of xylose flowing through each of these three pathways Model assumpNon •  RespiraNon is the preferred energy producing pathway and that butanediol is only produced when the ATP requirement of the culture exceeds the amount of ATP that can be produced by respiraNon alone •  AssumpNon based on experimental observaNon: –  ExponenNal growth when DO>3% –  Growth at a constant rate when oxygen limiNng (DO<3%) –  Butanediol is only produced during oxygen limited growth •  Another assumpNon: growth is coupled to energy producNon –  Energy generated by the energy producing reacNon is equal to the energy required for cell growth and maintenance Sum of all metabolic acNvity Phase I: exponenNal growth •  QSA: rate at which xylose is assimilated into cell mass (mol xylose /L/h) •  QSR: rate of xylose respiraNon via the TCA cycle •  QSF: rate of xylose fermentaNon to butanediol; 0 for phase I (See notes) Phase II: Oxygen limiNng condiNon Phase II: Oxygen limiNng condiNon Phase II: Oxygen limiNng condiNon Phase...
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