A constant rate when oxygen liminng do3 butanediol is

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Unformatted text preview: g the agitaNon rate (to enhance kLa) and decreased by mixing nitrogen (to reduce C*) •  Measured only aier oxygen- limiNng condiNon •  Slope is YX/O2 Product inhibiNon Shaken flasks Fed-batch fermentation (see notes) Modeling fermentaNon to convert xylose to butanediol •  Three phases –  Aerobic fermentaNon –  TransiNon from aerobic to oxygen- limiNng condiNons –  Growth under oxygen- limiNng condiNons (yielding butanediol) •  Recall: energy drives metabolic pathway –  ATP majers; balancing bioenergeNcs of ATP required for growth and maintenance relaNve ATP produced by energy producing reacNons Development of the model •  Xylose is taken up for three general pathways •  Biosynthesis of cell mass needs ATP; ATP is produced by either or both of two parallel...
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