Biomass growth rate wrt changes in substrate

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Unformatted text preview: Maintenance coefficient SimulaNon of a bath ethanol fermentaNon Constants for cell growth Correspond to µmax Constants for ethanol producNon Correspond to vmax Ethanol inhibiNon in the fermentaNon Process flow diagram for ethanol fermentaNon SimulaNon improvement Luedeking- Piret Model •  Another unstructured model ConNnuous sNrred- tank bioreactor (CSTB) Study of CTSB •  To study biomass growth rate WRT changes in substrate concentraNon •  To study biomass growth rate in response to environmental parameter such as pH •  Substrate- limited growth with a constant flow •  To study metabolic flux for systems biology models of cellular metabolism •  To deign bioreactor •  To operate bioreactor for maximal efficiency ConNnuous sNrred- tank bioreactor Balance for the growth limiNng substrate Model of CSTB Model of CSTB Model of CSTB Washout and maximum biomass output Aerobic Bioreactors •  Key component of biotechnology industry •  How does cell use oxygen for growth and producNon –  Last lecture, we assume that oxygen is in sufficient quanNty, so not presented explicitly in equaNons •  Vigorous agitaNon and bubbling of air for fer...
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