Oxytoca known to metabolize many sugars xylose is one

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Unformatted text preview: mentaNon –  ConcentraNon of oxygen in media 8 ppm at beginning –  Once cell grows, oxygen concentraNon approach to zero (oxygen removed from fermentor as soon as it is provided); oxygen- limiNng condiNons FermentaNon of Xylose to 2,3- Butanediol •  Xylose is the major hydrolysis product of hemicellulose from celluose- containing agricultural resideus and woodchips (inexpensive) •  2,3- Butanediol is a valuable feedstock; useful for chemical industry (dehydraNon of diol to form solvent methyl ethyl ketone; further dehydraNon to yield 1,3- butadiene as monomer for syntheNc rubber; dimerizaNon of butadiene to form styrene) •  FermentaNon from renewable resources Diol producNon by Klebsiella oxytoca •  Klebsiella oxytoca known to metabolize many sugars; xylose is one of them •  SNchiometry of conversion: Biotech. Bioeng., 26, 573 (1984) Batch fermentaNon for diol •  Why batch fermentaNon? •  Microorganis...
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