95gallon corn ethanol usda 2003 16 billion tons of

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Unformatted text preview: or) Integrated Bioprocess (Fermentation and Separation of Products) Biological content Considera=ons •  Safety, purity, and authen=city (e.g., the crisis of H1N1 flu vaccine in 2009) •  Societal acceptability •  Cost •  Regula=ons •  Rela=ve importance Therapeu=c proteins: must be highly pure, cost is not the major concern Food use: the safety is important and the price should be compe==ve (natural alterna=ves) Specialty chemicals (e.g., adhesives): price is the major concern, impurity may be tolerated Cost •  Profit = V FM ( SP SA − CM) Manufacturing cost Market size Market price ($/unit) Market share Specific activity (unit/lb, purity) The market and the nature of the product will decide the manufacturing strategy. How many decisions need to be made? •  Expression system (host, vector) FDA •  Type and the size of the reactors •  Culturing condi=ons (media, pH, temperature, mixing..) EPA •  Mode of opera=on •  Downstream purifica=on OSHA •  Quality control •  Regula=on Competitors USDA Quality Control •  •  •  •  GMP: Good manufacturing prac=ce GLP: Good laboratory prac=ces SOP: standard opera=ng procedure Valida=on of computer sonware Molecular Biotechnology •  Produc=on of commercial products generated by the metabolic ac=on of microorganisms. Raw Material Preparation of food source for microorganisms Upstream Processing Maximize the efficiency and Finding new production hosts Fermentation and biotransformation Downstream Processing Product Recombinant DNA Protein engineering Directed evolution Purification of the desired compound fro...
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