This secon should not contain technical details but

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Unformatted text preview: ehind each topic is much more important –  Read AND understand scien=fic ar=cles. –  Devise experiments to test an hypothesis. Homework and Reading Assignment •  Regular homework –  Biweekly –  Graded as 0, 1, 2 (0: not much effort; 1: reasonable abempt; 2: substan=ally correct) •  Reading assignment –  Read a journal ar=cle and write a two- page assay Two- page essay for the reading assignment General Audience Summary (300 words) This sec=on is to describe the objec=ve, approach and results of the paper to someone who is not in science or engineering, but has a general interest in developments in science or engineering. This sec=on should not contain technical details, but more to educate the audience about the paper and the subject Technical Essay (600 words) Prepare a scien=fic summary and discussion of the ar=cle, and answer specific ques=ons outlined in the reading assignment in the essay. Answers to ques=ons are to be integrated into the text. This sec=on needs to be very technical. No part of the essay can be verba=m from the paper At least one figure drawn in a graphic program to illustrate a key point of the paper. The figure cannot be copied or adopted from any other sources. Case Study •  The case study of special topic is intended to be a means by which the concepts, learned in this course, are applied to learning a new topic from the biotechnology literature. Exercise of crea=vity is encouraged. The special topic report serves as an important component of this class. Case study •  The study is ini=ated by the student(s) who select a technical subject that is of mutual interest and within the background of both the student(s) and instructors. This ac=vity entails learning about the topic from selected literature references (typically 5 to 7 journal ar=cles). You will prepare a 30- minute powerpoint presenta=on to report the study and present it at the regular lecture =me. You also need prepare a concise (10 pages, double spaced, typewriben) report which cri=cally reviews the selected literature references. You will complete this assignment in two- person teams of your choosing (the team should be assembled by combina=on of volunteer base and TA assignment; by Jan. 23th). A team would submi...
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