Refining cement food processing biologics chemistry

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Unformatted text preview: ets Biochemical/Bioprocess Engineers apart from other engineers and chemists: –  Chemical transforma=on and biotransforma=on –  Process for conver=ng renewable raw materials –  Biologics –  Engineering biosystems in industrial applica=ons Biological Processes CO2 H2O Animals Plants O2 Microorganisms Fossils O2 Green Chemistry (sustainable chemistry) •  Developing products and processes based on renewable resources, such as plant biomass •  Design processes that bypass dangerous / toxic chemical intermediates •  Design processes that avoid dangerous / toxic solvent use •  Reducing chemical processing steps, but demands high efficiency •  Promo=ng biochemical processes to reduce chemical processing steps or toxic chemical u=liza=on •  Design milder (closer to atmosphere temperature and pressure) processes and mul=ple product recovery routes •  Bypassing chemical equilibrium with innova=ve reactor design, and biocatalysis, rather than adding intermediate steps •  Avoid produc=on of unwanted products other than H2O and CO2 Biorefinery O O O HO OH O Succinic acid OH OH O OH Lactic acid OH HO Fumaric acid O OH 2,3-Butanediol HO O OH O HO OH 3-Hydroxypropionic acid HO OH Malic acid 1,4-Butanediol O HO HO Butanol OH O O OH Itaconic acid HO OH NH2 Aspartic acid OH NH2 Glutamic acid O OH HO Hydrogenation O O Ethanol OH HO HO HO HO O O O OH OH O 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural OH Oxidation Hydration OH HO OH O OH Sorbitol Gluconic acid OH OH HO OH HO OH OH O O Levulinic acid Biochemical/Bioprocess Engineering •  Profession –  Oversee process opera=ons (process engineer) –  Process (especially bioprocess) performance evalua=on –  Bioprocess opera=on op=miza=on –  Process Control –  Bioprocess Design •  Knowledge Base –  Transport Phenomena / Biosepara=ons –  (Bio)Reac=on Engineering –  Process Characteriza=on (control) Biochemical/Bioprocess Engineering Profession Biochemical Bioprocess Engineering Transport Phenomena Mass Transfer Physics Mathematics Chemistry Momentum Transfer Specialization Heat Transfer Thermodynamics Physics Physics Mathematics Mathematics Pulp and Paper Oil Refining Mining, metal refining Cement Food Processing Biologics … Chemistry Physics or Biology Chemical/Bio Reaction Chemical Bio Reaction Reaction Thermodynamics Physical Chemistry Chemistry Mathematics Biology Chemistry Mathematics Regulatory Issues Biologics such as vaccines and recombinant protein drugs are to be approved by FDA. There are five phases of development aner discovery: •  Human microdosing s...
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