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The relation between v 33 vb in turn is and dt

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Unformatted text preview: 69 1.04 10 5 mL/kg per hour) of hematocrit (HD) identical to the relation between discharge cm /s 5 5 pentobarbital so- 2 L the 69 cm3 O2effect. 3To orr 1 Fahraeus cm T 69 (HT), cm /s and tube hematocrit 3 10 given by t 3 1 d balance and anes- t3 ODt cmt 3 Torr a1parametric description of the Fahraeus effect 1 Torr 1 5 calculate vb/v,, 3.12 10 10 K cm 69 cm O2 cm s , 10 to 140 mm Hg) 0 2as ablood velocity (hematocrit,3viscosity) and 105 function of vessel diameter (D, in micrometers) and in 1 M cm O2 m 3 m 27, 66 cm3 O2hematocrit derived from a compilation of literature cdata on cm 1 s 1 Torr 1 0.01 ly. P 1 13, 62 tion brane (area ranging 03 O2red blood in 1 perfused through glass tubes of different cm 27,Torr 66 cm 3 m cells m 4 travital videomicrosshear stress Torr diameters23 was used: 20(pressure diameter, length) 13, 62 e and on black andm 4 evelopment of tone (1) - =HD+(1-HD) (1+1.7e OAIDO 6e 0.OL1D) mol/L, Serva) was erfusing the investitigated, a scan was In larger microvessels, several red blood cells may travel on Oxygen distribution: flux, diffusion, consumption nuous illumination at the one vessel cross section at different velocities. In this conv Qc ssel diameters in mesenteric J asituation, (1 tometric hematocrit wasv,, represents some average of the velocities in O2 vertical ves local oxygenation simulated, er immersion objecsection through the vessel. According to Pittman and Ellsconv issue signaling, wall signaling, cves where J O2 ( 1 the hotodetector level of the worth,24 Q orrelation between vb and vcl depends on ) velocity tes and consisted of profile in the vessel investigated, which is described by a and the bluntness factor, the H C flowing PO2 ves jim). the calculation of vascular c ves size Dof RBC So2 erythrocytes,HD RBC PO2 ves ata for (2 , the flow velocity in width of the area from which light is sampled for velocity orphological data (diameter and In the present study, we assumed a bluntness 1 HD pl PO2 ves measurement. n additional second on network topology D Rof 0.8,Orepresenting a rough mean of the experimental CRBC So2 illumiH (segment 2 ves factor BC P asynchronous PO2 ves ( oxygen volume concentration of the blood data cited by and and blood flow, cves is 2 ) ent with a digitized itions comprise flow or pressure Pittman Q is Ellsworth, an erythrocyte diameter and a width of the D pl O2 vesarea of 1 jim. of 5 on velocity H light-sampling ing the is basedpat- as well jim, the with D 1is dischargePhematocrit;between vb oxygen-carrying capacity o network, as For vessels H diameters <5 jim, the relation CRBC is e light intensity egments. Details erythrocytes, from the Fahraeus effect was and mage of a microvessel of the hemody- exclusively derivedPO2ves is PO2 of the vessel element, and RBC and pl ar loodhave been described vclvolume oxygenvessels >40 the blood, and plasma, respectively. Difference flow, cves is oxygenearlier concentration of jm, RBCs nstances. equation, whereas for solubility in the Pittman and anel) If the vessel 15 d scattering hematocrit; Ellsworth24 approximation was used. In the of scharge light, the CRBC is oxygen-carrying capacity intermediate ods Compu...
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