Prove that the set f 1 i is a closed set where f 1 i

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Unformatted text preview: R, and let I be a closed interval in R. Prove that the set f −1 (I ) is a closed set, where f −1 (I ) = {x ǫ R2 : f (x) ǫ I } . Indicate clearly where you are using that f (x) is continuous. (Suggestion: in your argument, use 25.2,(1c) as the definition of cluster point.) 4. (15: 7,3,5) The convolution f (x) ∗ g (x) of two continuous functions f (x) and g (x) is a function of x defined by the formula �x f (x) ∗ g (x) = f (t) g (x − t) dt 0 . d f ∗ g ; the formula should be expressed dx ′ ′ only in terms of f (x), g (x), f (x), g (x), f (0), g (0) and their convolutions. a) Find, with proof, a formula for its derivative eax − ebx . a − b (Note that the convolution is linear: (cf ) ∗ g = c(f ∗ g ). eax ∗ ebx = b) Test your formula on the convolution c) Using your formula, prove that y = f (x) ∗ sin x is a solution to y ′′ + y = f (x) on (−∞, ∞) � ∞ −xt e 5. (15) Let f (x) = dt . 1+t 0 Prove that f (x) is defined and differentiable for x > 0, and is a solution to the differential equation y ′ − y = 1/x, x > 0. 1 6. (15: 8,7) (a) Prove the set M of all square matrices with integer entries is countable. (b) Let...
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