this theoretical result was observed experimentally

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Unformatted text preview: , NY, 410 pp. Ababou R, Bagtzoglou AC (1993) BIGFLOW: a Numerical Code for Simulating Flow in Variably Saturated, Heterogeneous Geologic MediaTheory and User’s Manual Ver.1.1. NUREG/CR6028, US NRC Report, Washington DC. Modélisation stochastique de l'intrusion saline en 2D plan 70 Ababou R, Bagtzoglou AC, Wood EF (1994) On the Condition Number of Covariance Matrices Arising in Kriging, Estimation & Simulation of Random Fields. Math.Geol.26(1), pp. 99-133, 1994. Ababou R, Trégarot G (2002) Coupled Modeling of Partially Saturated Flows : Macro-Porous Media, Interfaces, and Variability. Proc. CMWR 02, Comput Meth Water Resour, 23-28 June 2002, Delft, The Netherlands, Elsevier, 8 pp. Ababou R, Sagar B, Wittmeyer G (1992) Testing Procedures for Spatially Distributed Flow Models. Advances in Water Resources, Vol.15, pp. 181-198, 1992. Matheron G. (1973) The Intrinsinc Random Functions & Applications. Adv.Appl.Prob., 5, 439-468 Mizell SA, Gutjahr AL, Gelhar LW (1982) Stochastic Analysis of Spatial Variability in TwoDimensional St...
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