0 y the sea shore is at left grid 1000x1000

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Unformatted text preview: 32 A.14 - TOUGH & TOUGH2 Author: K. Pruess and other contributors Code status: Available on licence (Earth Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkley Laboratory) Description: The TOUGH code is a thermo-hydraulic code for porous media. It takes account heat transfer and phase change effects in multicomponent, multiphase fluids, in subsurface flows (3D). Unsaturated and saturated zones can be modelled. Several preconditioned linear solvers are implemented, like the BICGSTAB. The code is programmed in ANSI standard Fortran 77 to ensure portability. Web site: http://esd.lbl.gov/TOUGH2/ A.15 - FEFLOW (Finite Element subsurface FLOW system) Authors: Diersch, 1996 and other contributors Code status: Commercial (WASY Software) Description: FEFLOW uses finite element method to solve the differential equations governing flow and transport in subflow systems. It is capable of modeling fluid density effects caused by contaminant, mass, and temperature differences simultaneously. 133 ANNEXE B Code de calcul Bigflow – B...
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