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Unformatted text preview: ries are linearly interpolated, and the internode conductivities are estimated as harmonic means of nodal conductivities. Treatment of saltwater interface. At blocks containing pumping wells, the amount of freshwater and saltwater extracted depends on the position of the interface relative to the elevation of the screened interval of the well. The rate of freshwater and/or saltwater extraction from a block, relative to the total fluid extraction rate, is determined linearly on the basis of the proportion of screen penetrating the freshwater and saltwater zones relative to the total open interval of the well. The interface elevation in each finite-difference block is calculated using the numericallydetermined freshwater and saltwater head distributions. The shape of the interface is obtained by connecting the discretized interface elevations. The position of the interface tip (the intersection of the interface with the top of the aquifer and the interface toe (the intersection of the interface 131 with the bottom of the aquifer) are located by linearly projecting a line defined by the interface elevations in adjacent blocks until it intersects the top and bottom of the aquifer. Web site: http://water.usgs.gov/software/sharp.html A.11 - DYNSYSTEM (DYNFLOW-DYNCFT-DYNSWIM DYNTRACK) Author: Brendan Harley, CDM Boston Code status: Commercial (DYNASYSTEM / CDM Boston) Description: The code is presented as an integrated water resources modeling tool with a modular structure. The f...
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