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Unformatted text preview: ions and the pressure continuity condition at the interface, and modifying the Badon-Ghyben-Herzberg configuration to account for a finite outflow face of height ΔZ located undersea, we obtain: ρ F g (H − ZSALT ) = ρ S g (ZSEA − ZSALT − ΔZ ) + ρ F g ΔZ (1) where H is the total freshwater hydraulic head (m), ZSALT is the salt/freshwater interface level (m), g is the gravitational acceleration (m s-2), ρF is the freshwater density (kg m-3), ρS is the saltwater density (kg m-3), and ΔZ is the vertical depth of the freshwater outflow face at the shoreline (m). The Ghyben-Herzberg closure relation (above) is inserted in the vertically-averaged Boussinesq equations for freshwater, leading to a nonlinear system of equations, namely : steady-state mass conservation for freshwater (2); vertically integrated Darcy’s law (3); & freshwater transmissivity (4) : ∂Θ = −div(Q) ∂t (2) Q = -T (H,Z SALT ,Z INF ,x,y ) grad(H ) (3) T= K(x, y) × (H − ZINF (x, y)) if ZSALT < ZINF K(x, y)...
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