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Unformatted text preview: low module DYNFLOW is a finite element 3D code based on the AQUIFEM code developed at MIT in the 1970’s. Two modules are convenient for SWIM. The DYNSWIM module takes into consideration a sharp interface assumption. The DYNCFT is the coupled flowtransport modeling code of the DYNSYSTEM, based on a particle tracking lagrangian approach. A study has been undertaken using DYNCFT to model Sea Water Intrusion in the Gaza aquifer (Fitzgerald et al 2001). Web site: A.12 - SALTFLOW Author: J.W. Molson and E.O. Frind Code status: Copyright protected (University of Waterloo, Canada) Description: The code solves the fully coupled mass and transport equations using a 3D Finite Elements - Brick Elements discretization method. The porous media are considered saturated. A special time-weighting scheme (Leismann and Frind, 1989) combined with a standard Galerkin finite element method is used to maintain matrix symmetry. This special scheme is more or less equivalent to treating the advective terms explicitly. The final matrix equations for both the flow and mass t...
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