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Unformatted text preview: ×(H − ZSALT (x, y)) if ZSALT ≥ ZINF (4) where K(x,y) is hydraulic conductivity (m s-1), ZINF is the impervious substratum level (m), ZSALT is the salt/Freshwater interface level (m), Q is the Darcy specific discharge rate (m² s1 ), Θ is the water content (m3 m-3), and T the transmissivity (m2 s-1). Here we focus on steady state problems. For more details, see Ababou & Al-Bitar (2005). Numerical simulations of seawater intrusion are carried out using the BigFlow code BF 2000 (Ababou & Trégarot, 2002). The model is based on a single generalized flux-divergence equation (conservative, mixed form) for either 3D or 2D plane flow. Space-time discretization is based on implicit finite volumes, leading to sparse nonlinear systems. These are solved using two interspersed loops: the outer loop implements fixed point (modified Picard) iterations; the inner loop solves the linearized system by preconditioned Conjugate Gradients (DSCG). The 2D plane flow option was specialized for sharp interface seawater intrusion problems (BF-SWIM2D). 3 3.1 CONTROL OF...
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