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Unformatted text preview: he statistic (σZSALT) can be viewed as the root-mean-square vertical uncertainty of the seawater interface due to heterogeneity. It is found to be more or less proportional to the mean gradient of ZSALT, at least for low and moderate variability, which validates our perturbation theory. However, for higher variability, the observed standard deviation of ZSALT tends to a constant value more or less independent of x, which is not quite reproduced by the same perturbation theory. Overall, our results indicate that σZSALT can be typically on the order of several meters. 8 Acknowledgment This study is part of the european project SWIMED on coastal aquifer management, funded by the European Commission (Sustainable Water Management In MEDiterranean coastal aquifers): http://www.crs4.it/EIS/SWIMED 9 References Ababou R (1996) Random Porous Media Flow on Large 3D Grids: Numerics, Performance, and Application to Homogenization, Chap.1, pp.1-25. In: IMA Vol 79 Mathematics and its Applications: Environmental Studies (Math. Comput. Statist. Anal.). Wheeler MF (ed.), Springer...
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