An estimate of the size of total array is set by the

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Unformatted text preview: cification of a distribution of sources). Web site: A.9 - MOD-HMS (MODFLOW Hydrologic Modeling System) Authors: Sorab Panday and Don De Marco Code status: Commercial code (Hydrogeologic Inc.) Description. HydroGeoLogic Inc. developed MOD-HMS (MODFLOW - Hydrologic Modeling System) for numerical simulation of complex groundwater-surface water interactions. According to its authors, MOD-HMS is a comprehensive, physically-based spatially-distributed model that overcomes both the functional and computational limitations of previous models. In particular, MOD-HMS integrates all components of the hydrologic cycle in a single model that utilizes a mass conservative approach whereby the surface water flow equations are fully coupled with the 3-D, variably saturated groundwater flow equations. The authors claim that this approach is significantly more robust than previous conjunctive approaches that rely on linkage of separate surface water and groundwat...
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