At blocks containing pumping wells the amount of

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Unformatted text preview: ologiques, Rapport de Master de Recherche IMFT/CESBIO, 2006. Henry H.R. Effects of dispersion on salt encroachment in coastal aquifers. In: Sea water in coastal aquifers US Geol Surv Water Supply Pap, 1613-C. p. 70–84, 1964.. Henry,H. R. Interfaces between saltwater and freshwater in coastal aquifers, U.S. Geological Survey Water-Supply Paper 1613-C, Sea Water in Coastal Aquifers: C35–C70, 1964. Herbert A.W., Jackson C.P. and Lever D.A. Coupled groundwater flowand solute transport with fluid density strongly dependent on concentration, Water Resour. Res. 24(10), 1781–1795, 1988. Herzberg A. Die Wasserversorgung einiger Nordseebader (the water supply of parts of the North Sea coast in Germany). Z Gasbeleucht Wasserversorg;44:815–9, and 1901;45:842–4., 1901. Holzbecher E. Modeling of saltwater upconing. In: Wang S, editor. II Int Conf Hydro-Science and Hydro-Engin Proc vol. 2, Part A, Beijing. p. 858–65, 1995. Hromadka T.V., Berenbrock C.E., Freckleton J.R., Guymaon G.L. A Two-Dimensional Dam Break Flood Plain Model....
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