Bakker and f schaars code status publicly available

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Unformatted text preview: terception techniques. Int Symp Groundwater Monitoring and Management 1987, Dresden, IAHS Publ no 173 1990:319–29. Di Giammarco P., Todini E., Lamberti P. A Conservative Finite Elements Approach to Overland Flow: the Control Volume Finite Element Formulation. Journal of Hydrology, Vol. 175, pp. 267291, 1996. Dupuit J. Etudes Théoriques et Pratiques sur le Mouvement des Eaux dans les Canaux Découverts et à Travers les Terrains Perméables. 2nde édition, Dunod, Paris, 1863. Essaid H. I. A comparison of the coupled freshwater—saltwater flow and the Ghyben-Herzberg sharp interface approaches to modeling of transient behaviour in coastal aquifer systems, J. Hydrol., 86, 169-193, 1986. Essaid H. I. A multilayered sharp interface model of coupled freshwater saltwater flow in coastal systems : Model Development and application, Water Resour. Res., 26(7), 1431-1453, 1990a. Essaid H. I. The computer model HARP, a Quasi-Three Dimentional Finite-difference Model to Simulate Freshwater and Saltwater...
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