C3 number of nodes since edge nodes are only

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Unformatted text preview: er codes. In other words : the fully implicit coupling approach used by MOD-HMS provides for a mass conserved solution scheme essential for systems with strong interactions between regimes. The MOD-HMS code has additional capability for contaminant transport modeling. web site: http://www.hgl.com/software/MOD-HMS.cfm A.10 - SHARP Author: Hedeff Essaid Code status: Publicly available (USGS) Description: SHARP is a specialized GW flow code to simulate freshwater and saltwater flow separated by a sharp interface in layered coastal aquifer systems. It is quasi-3D according to its authors (2D plane flow in each aquifer layer). Numerical method: An implicit finite-difference discretization scheme, central in space and backward in time (fully implicit) is used to solve the freshwater and saltwater flow equations for each model layer. Spatial discretization is achieved using a block-centered finite-difference grid that allows for variable grid spacing. In the central difference approximations for space derivatives, the thicknesses at grid block bounda...
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