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Unformatted text preview: ⎠ 2 (34) Equation (34) holds for 0 ≤ x ≤ LSALT, where x=LSALT is the intersection of the saltwater interface with the substratum. Thus, if the bedrock is at z = 0, the value of LSALT is defined by ZSALT (x) = 0. Other variables in equation (34) are defined below: • LX is the domain size in the x-direction, between the two fixed head boundaries H=H0 (sea at left) and H=H1 (freshwater at right); • ZSEA = H0 is the elevation and depth of the sea level above the substratum, at the sea boundary x=0; • H1 is the depth of the freshwater level above the substratum at the inland boundary x=LX ; • ZSALT is the elevation of saltwater/freshwater interface above the substratum; • LSALT is the x-wise penetration length of the salt wedge inland, on the bedrock; • ΔZ is the vertical length of the submarine freshwater outflow face into the sea. Modélisation stochastique de l'intrusion saline en 2D plan 63 The term (ε ΔZ)/(ε+1) can sometimes be neglected in equation (9); we have here: (ε ΔZ)/(ε+1) = 0.018 m , which is indeed small compared to ZSEA = 30 m and to ΔH = H1 -ZSEA = 1 m. Also, to simplify the above expression Zsalt(x),...
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