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Unformatted text preview: compatible codes. Actually many packages have been constituted as add-ons to MODFLOW, mainly the SWI package presented later in this section. Several developers combined MODFLOW with other advection-dispersion codes to model saltwater intrusion. Similar codes are presented in this review, below (i.e. SEAWAT, MOCDENS3D). Some other commercial software are also available for post and pre processing in MODFLOW. Web site: A.2 - MT3D, MT3DMS (and SEAWAT) MT3DMS (Modular 3-D Transport model with Multi-Species add-on reaction packages) Author: C. Zheng et al. Code status: Publicly available (The Hydrology Group - University of Alabama) Description: Three types of solutions methods have been implemented in MT3DMS : the standard finite difference method; the particle-tracking-based Eulerian-Lagrangian methods; and the higher-order finite-volume TVD method. MT3DMS uses the flow computed from a finitedifference flow model to model the transport of species assum...
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