In addition a vertically integrated 2d plane flow

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Unformatted text preview: . & Larabi A. A Generalized Approach for Modeling 3D Transient Free and Moving Boundaries in Coastal Aquifers. In Proc. First International Conference on Saltwater Intrusion and Coastal Aquifers- Monitoring, Modeling and Management. Essaouira Morocco, April 23-25, 2001. Segol G., Pinder G.F., Gray W.G. A Galerkin-finite element technique for calculating the transient position of the saltwater front. Water Resour Res;11(2):343–7, 1975 Tompson A.F.B, Ababou R, Gelhar LW Implementation of the Three-Dimensional Turning Bands Random Field Generator, 2227-2243. Water Resour. Res. 25(10), 1989. Tang D.H. and Pinder G.F. Analysis of mass transport with uncertain physical parameters. Water Resources Research, 15 (5), 1147-1155, 1979 Touma, J., Vachaud, G., and Parlange, J.-Y. Air and water flow in a sealed ponded vertical soil column. Soil Sci. 137: 181-187, 1984. Trégarot G. Modélisation Couplée des Ecoulements à Saturation Variable avec Hétérogénéités, Forçages, et Interfaces Hydrologiques. Thèse de Doctorat - Institut National Polytech. Toulouse (Sci.Terr.Env.). Institut Mécanique Fluides Toulouse, France, May 2000. Vanma...
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