Indeed for the present project on coastal aquifers a

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Unformatted text preview: Transport Model for Simulation of Advection, Dispersion and Chemical Reactions of Contaminants in Groundwater Systems, Report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Robert S. Kerr Environmental Research Laboratory, Ada, Oklahoma, 1990. Annexes 126 ANNEXES ANNEXE A – Revue de codes de calcul numériques - Review of GW codes ANNEX B – Code de calcul Bigflow – Bigflow code 133 ANNEXE C - Memory requirements of BIGFLOW 2D SWIM ANNEXE D- Spectral/Fourier Analysis and Up-scaling 144 142 127 127 ANNEXE A Revue de codes de calcul numériques - Review of GW codes Based on the classification and criteria presented in chapter 2, we present here a representative selection of computer codes geared towards GW flow modelling, with at least some coupling aspects taken into consideration (first and foremost, the saltwater density coupling, and then, the coupling to surface flow and other hydrogeological processes). The list below is meant to complete the list given in Chapter 2 even though it...
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