It is capable of modeling fluid density effects

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Unformatted text preview: 1069-1093, 1968. Putti M. and Paniconi C. Picard and Newton linearization for the coupled model of saltwater intrusion in aquifer. Adv Water Resour 18(3):159–70, 1995. Putti M. and Paniconi C. Time step and stability control for a coupled model of surface and subsurface flow. Proceedings of the XV International Conference on Computation Methods in Water Resources (CMWR XV), vol. 2. Chapel Hill, NC, USA: Elsevier; p. 1391–402, 2004. Reilly T.E., Goodman A.S. Analysis of saltwater upconing beneath a pumping well. J Hydrol ; 89:169–204, 1987. Remson, I.,Appel C. A., & Webster R. A. Groundwater models solved by digital computer, J.Hyd. Div. ASCE, Vol. 91, no. HY3, pp 133-147, 1965. Remson I., Hornberger G. M. & Molz F. G. Numerical methods in subsurface Hydrology, John Wiley, NewYork, 389 pp, 1971. Richards L.A. Capillary conduction of liquids through porous media, Physics 1, 318-333, 1931. Sbai, M. A. Modeling three dimensional groundwater flow and transport by hexahedral finite elements.,Ph.D. Thesis of Free University of Brussels (VUB), 1999. Sbai. M. A., De Smedt F...
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