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Unformatted text preview: Numerical (×) and analytical (-) results for K1/K2 = 10+8 (right). 3.3 Robustness of the linear and non-linear system solvers To complete the non-linear study, we examine in more detail the robustness of the DSCG solver interlooped with the nonlinear Picard solver. First, note that a steady simulation with BigFlow consists of one infinite time step. This is obtained by setting the mass storage term in the linearized equation to zero. The Picard iterations are used to linearize the resulting system. Modélisation stochastique de l'intrusion saline en 2D plan 75 Let us consider the 1D homogeneous case. In this case the linearized system is tri-diagonal. The CG-based solver should theoretically converge with a number of iterations smaller than or equal to the matrix dimension (Golub & Van Loan, 1989).. This theoretical result was observed experimentally with our double precision simulations using the DSCG solver. Fig. 3(a) illustrates the results of the CG solver for one outer loop o...
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