On the other hand we demonstrate that the equation in

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Unformatted text preview: or nonlinear solution. The matrix-vector data structure is very sparse. For more details on the numerics, see [Ababou et al 1992; Ababou and Bagtzoglou 1993; Ababou 1996]. 5 5.1 Simulation results and statistical analysis of salt wedge Aquifer flow configuration and statistical inputs We consider steady flow in a heterogeneous unconfined coastal aquifer in a square domain (1 km × 1 km). The mean freshwater flow is directed along the x axis. We apply constant head boundary conditions (Dirichlet) on boundaries orthogonal to mean flow: ZSEA=30 m (seawater level) and H1 = 31 m (freshwater inland). The hydraulic gradient, directed along (x), is 0.001 m/m, a typical value for regional flow in coastal regions. Lateral boundaries orthogonal to seashore are assumed impervious. Other statistical-geometric parameters concerning the planar grid and the random logpermeability field lnK (x,y) are shown in Table 1. Modélisation stochastique de l'intrusion saline en 2D plan 61 Table 1 Summary of statistical parameters for two sets of simulations (small and large) Parameters Set 1 Set 2 ni (number of nodes) 300...
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