Other incremental functions have been tested the

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Unformatted text preview: ∂Z 2 x 2 ∂x (55) Both versions of this equation require mean gradient information: the first equation (a) requires knowledge of the (stationary) mean φ-gradient “a”, while the second version (b) requires knowledge of the (non-stationary) mean interface elevation gradient. 6.3 Numerical moments of seawater of interface and comparisons Fig. 6 shows 100 superimposed transects of the “potential” ΦSALT(x,yn), sampled at equally spaced shorewise locations “yn”, and plotted versus (x), for σ = ln10. The figure also shows the analytical profile ΦSALT(x) for a homogeneous aquifer (σ = 0), as well as the numerical average of ΦSALT(x,y). The fluctuations of ΦSALT(x,y) around its mean trend were also plotted as transects (not shown here). These numerical plots indicate the level of fluctuation of the salt interface in terms of the transformed field ΦSALT. They also confirm the quasi-linear trend of ΦSALT. We computed the fluctuations of ZSALT around its nonlinear mean trend, and we estimated σZ by sampling ZSA...
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