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Unformatted text preview: udies on demand (BRGM) Description: MARTHE software package. MARTHE software package is developed by BRGM France. MARTHE is a hydrodynamic software that processes three-dimensional flow by solving a discretized form of Darcy’s equation (Darcy, 1856) in a saturated environment or Richards’ equation (Richards, 1931) in an unsaturated environment. This software also has modules for the coupling of a drainage network, for masstransport simulation, and for processing the effects of density and temperature in the aquifer. website: A.7 - SUTRA2D & SUTRA3D (Saturated-Unsaturated TRAnsport) Authors: Clifford I. C. Voss and Provost, A.M. (SUTRA2D3D) Code status: Publicly available (USGS) Description: The original version “SUTRA” is in 2D, and a beta release of the 3D version, called “SUTRA3D” is also available now. The SUTRA 2D & 3D code can model density dependent and/or unsaturated flow (nonlinearities) and transport in subsurface with/without single species chemical reactions. Exhaustive documentation is available for...
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